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~~~Individual Memberships~~~


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~~~Agency Memberships~~~


 Agency memberships are tailored to your size and need.  There are also several discounts.


                                                                   arrowm    Starts at $9.75 a month per user and goes DOWN from there

                                                                   arrowm    For every 10 users enrolled, get one free (pay for 9)

                                                                   arrowm    The more users, the less cost (the cost per user will be reduced, depending on the size of the agency)

                                                                   arrowm    Part time staff require only 1/2 membership dues

                                                                   arrowm    Unpaid Social Work, LCDC & CHW Interns may be provided FREE memberships

                                                                   arrowm    An Agency-Volunteer membership is offered for agencies who utilize mostly volunteers 

                                                                   arrowm     10% discount for first year enrollment of greater than one member


For a specific quote for an Agency, send an email  (info@thespot4help.org)


Complimentary trial available for both individuals and agencies.  Send a request. 



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30-day money back guarantee on membership enrollment.  For members who did not request a trial, if you are dissatisfied with the content and features of the site contact member services within 30 days of purchase and your membership will be reimbursed to you, minus a $10 processing fee.  This excludes the Community Resource Book.


Current forms of payment are through PayPal or Credit Card.  If you are not a PayPal member, you can pay with your credit card through the secure PayPal site without joining.

When prompted to pay, see “pay by credit card” link in lower right area.  If you would like to pay by check or money order, please email: sales@thespot4help.org    Thank you.


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